Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)


Tell us your'e interested by completing the form or talk with a JCPL staff member to save space for your students in fall's Epic STEM Fair.
Explore science articles, books, videos and news. A great one-stop resource for school projects.
Women have been behind some of the greatest scientific advances in history. Find out more about some of the influential women in science.

STEM Resources

Astronomer Aric Vhymyeister hosts Sidewalk Astronomy sessions outside Standley Lake Library this summer. Check out his recommended reads.
Jefferson County Public Library (JCPL) is proud to present the Epic STEM Challenge for middle school students who live in or attend school…
A leading online learning platform for new and existing skills related to management, programming, design, marketing, & leadership.
There have been amazing scientific discoveries over time. Find out more about these breakthrough moments in history.
Looking for some inspiration for your Epic STEM Challenge project? Check out these videos from the library.
Who are the people behind the great advances in technology and science? Find out more about the men and women in science.
Turn your eyes toward the sky with Standley Lake Library. As part of the Summer Sidewalk Astronomy program, the Library will host a…
Are you an expert coder? Never coded before but interested in getting started? Try your hand at coding with these resources.
Check out all the great digital resources available during Teen Tech Week!
Hour of Code is a yearly event dedicated to showing anyone can learn to code. Get started coding!
Meet the winners of Jefferson County Public Library’s (JCPL) 2018 Girls-in-STEM competition:   First Place Awards: Sasha Bandock and…
Learn to code with Kids Can Code! Learn essential coding terms and concepts, including graphical user interface (GUI) and robotics.
Despite concerted efforts for nearly two decades to attract girls and women to the fields of engineering and computing, the numbers…
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