Building Projects

In 2018, Jefferson County Public Library (JCPL) adopted a Facilities Master Plan (FMP) to guide planning, decision-making, and capital investment in its facilities. The FMP was created as a flexible, “living” plan that can accommodate changing circumstances. The goal of this plan was a proposed list of capital projects to increase library space and better meet the needs of Jefferson County's growing population. These projects include new library spaces, redesign projects and offsite services.

Current Projects

Building Projects

Arvada Library Redesign

Learn more about this 2024 Strategic Project, which includes expanding services to better meet the needs of our Arvada Library community.

Conifer Library Services

This project will ensure that library services meet the needs of the Conifer community. More information coming soon.

Northwest County Library Project

Learn about our ambitious plan to expand library services in northwest Jefferson County.

South County Library Project

We have identified the need to build a new destination library in the southern region of Jefferson County to expand library services.

Recent Projects

Evergreen Library Redesign

Construction is complete, and the Library has reopened! Explore this exciting project.
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