2024 Library Summer Challenge: Where Adventure Begins

Challenge runs June 1 - July 31!

Discover a new adventure with Jefferson County Public Library's Summer Challenge, where learning is for everyone! Delve into an exciting journey to earn points and win prizes during the Library Summer Challenge.

Register to take new quests through daring reads, discover sensational interests, write inspiring stories and find new ways to keep adventure alive through all stages of life. Learning doesn't have to happen inside!


Current progress: 3,955,927 / 5,000,000 points

The more points you earn, the closer we get to donating $500 to Outdoor Lab, this year's community partner! Learn more.

How it Works

Learn the ins and outs of our Library Summer Challenge! Questions? Contact us at 303-235-5275 or explore our FAQs.

Where Adventure Begins

Let adventure come alive this summer with these ideas for related reads, resources and activities for all ages!

Babies (0 - 2)

Staff Picks: Babies (0 -2)

Staff Picks: Kids (3 -11)

Staff Picks: Teens (12 - 18)

Adults (19+)

Staff Picks: Adults 19+

Teen Writing Contest

FAQs and More


  • Beanstack, the system we use for Summer Challenge tracking allows you to use the same account year after year. We all know how difficult it is to remember which email we used, what our password is or whether we created an account at all, but we strongly encourage you to try to find your existing account instead of creating a duplicate account. Here are the options we suggest:

    1. Try logging in. Enter your email and password here. Any luck?
    2. Try "Forgot Your Password?" Enter your email address here.
      • A red error message means you did not register last year with that email address. Try another email address if you have one, or move on to step #3.
      • A green bar means you can check your email for password reset instructions and continue.
    3. We would be happy to look you up on the staff side of the software. Just call 303-235-5275 or email ask@jeffcolibrary.org.
    4. Is this your first time participating in the Summer Challenge? You can register for the first time here.

    Once you are logged back into the Summer Challenge system, you will be asked to update each "Reader Profile" (member of your family) and prompted to enroll in this year's Library Summer Challenge programs.

    Let us know if you have questions. 

  • Yes, we do! In the app store on your device, search for and install the "Beanstack tracker" app. If you already registered on a computer, just sign in and start logging. Or select Sign Up and get the whole family registered.

    When you are ready to begin logging, tap the plus sign.

    • To log reading minutes, select Reading, then select a Reader, and then select a logging method for reading (Log Without a Title is the quickest).
    • To log an activity, select Activity, then select a Reader, tap on Activities and Challenges, and then tap on the green plus sign next to the activity that you accomplished.

    Your logging will be tracked whether you use the website or the app.

    Get Beanstack App in Play Store, opens an external site

    Android Tutorial, opens a new window | Apple Tutorial, opens a new window

  • Children ages 0 - 5 are eligible for our 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program, and children ages 5 - 12 are eligible for our 500 Books Before Middle School in addition to the Library Summer Challenge. All three programs are run in Beanstack. Be sure to count any reading you do with your children in their respective programs!

  • After you log into your account, click on the box in the top right with your name on it, and you will see an option to Add a Reader.

  • Click Sign In and click on Forgot Your Password. The system will send an email to you with instructions for resetting your password.

Learn How: Beanstack

Learn How: Beanstack

Learn how to track your reading process on Beanstack with help from Niche Academy.

Getting Started

Get a library card and access all of the great online resources JCPL has to offer.

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