Jefferson County Public Library responds to the needs of our users. If you have questions or suggestions please contact the ADA Coordinator at 303-403-5385 or, opens a new window.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing accessibility

  • An ASL interpreter is available for any library program, including story times. Please request interpreter services at least two weeks in advance by emailing
  • Personal FM listening devices (function with or without hearing aids/cochlear implants) in meeting rooms at the Arvada, Belmar, Columbine, Evergreen, Golden, Lakewood and Standley Lake libraries. Please let staff know if you want to use one of these devices during a program.
  • American Sign Language feature films.

Blind and vision impairment accessibility

  • Large print plugin keyboards and trackball mice available at all locations by request.
  • Magnifier and Narrator screen magnification software available on all public computers at all locations.
  • Large print books for all ages.
  • Audio books for all ages on disc or downloadable.
  • Colorado Talking Book Library, opens a new window provides audio, braille and large print books. We can assist with submitting applications to this library.

Physical accessibility

  • ADA compliant design and architecture in all of our libraries, including parking, public computer desks and walkways.
  • Trackball Mouse available at all locations by request.
  • Staff assistance for people with mobility impairments, eg: searching for and retrieving materials from shelves.
  • Home Delivery Service and Bookmobile for county residents. For more information contact us at 303-275-6161, or visit us online to access the application.

Programs and Services

  • Library for All is a monthly interactive program for adults with disabilities held at four libraries.
  • Book a Librarian One-on-one librarian appointments are available for help finding information and using technology.
  • The Assistive Technology and Digitization Workstation at Belmar Library makes web browsing and online reading more accessible for all users. Includes software specifically designed for those who are blind/visually impaired; have difficulty typing; have dyslexia or other reading difficulties; and who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.
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