Epic STEM Fair

Jeffco students find inspiration in science and technology fields and are empowered to discover the possibilities of what STEM can offer!

Be (and get!) inspired!  Jefferson County Public Library (JCPL) invites middle school students to participate in a FREE Epic STEM Fair.

  • Industry mentors help students explore the scientific process while creating solutions to real-world problems.
  • Mentors will meet with participants at registered Jeffco Public Schools or at the Lakewood Library.
  • Students gain confidence in their STEM-abilities.

We make it easy to participate!

  • Students are paired with mentors who come to your school when it’s convenient for you (during class, after school, or at a library) to help identify, create, and refine projects.
  • It's great project-based learning.
  • It aligns with Jefferson County Public School’s curriculum.
  • Librarians help you discover and explore authentic scientific texts that align with projects (and that support Next Generations Science Standards).
  • Students can participate individually or in teams of up to three people.

Open to all Jefferson County middle school students, grades 6-8.

Epic STEM Fair

Friday, December 13, 9 -12:30 PM
Jefferson County Fairgrounds
15200 West 6th Ave. Frontage Road, Golden, 80401

Teams display projects and get critical feedback from a qualified judge.  While judges are reviewing the entries, students engage in hands-on STEM activities.


Schools - $500
Seven schools will win $500 for STEM classrooms or after school clubs.  If a homeschool student/team wins, the prize will be awarded to an approved homeschool association. 

Student Teams
Seven student teams will win a trophy and paid admission to a statewide or regional STEM competition or fair.

All Participants
Everyone receives an Epic STEM medal. 

Important Deadlines

October 1: Registration opens
October 21: Registration closes
November - early December: Students work on projects with mentor.
December 13: Epic STEM Fair


Student teams should choose a project from one of these seven categories:

  1. Better Bots! Design a machine or robot to solve a real-world problem.
  2. Clean up your mess! Human impact on local ecosystems can be negative. Identify a local impact and offer a solution.
  3. Selfie! Develop a self-contained ecosystem to provide food for a future colony on Mars and demonstrate photosynthesis in action.
  4. Up a creek without a paddle. Design a method to efficiently move two pounds of weight across water within a structure no larger than 8.5X11.
  5. Is it hot or is it just me? Design a system that either amplifies or decreases the greenhouse effect.  
  6. Citizen Science. Participate in a citizen science project creating a presentation based on your observations and findings. 
  7. Less is more. Reduce, reuse, recycle – find an innovative solution for waste.

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