Volunteer Information

Some people want to give back to their community. Many more just love the library and want to be part of the work that we do. Still others have rare skills that contribute in unique and special ways. Whatever their reasons, last year over 400 generous people donated nearly 35,000 hours of their time and talents to Jefferson County Public Library.

The work that volunteers do is critical to the overall mission of JCPL and is profoundly impactful to both our community and organization. They ask so very little, but give so very much.

You, too, can make a difference. If you:

  • Are at least 12 years of age (7th Grade and up); and
  • Love the books and movies and people and programs in the library; or
  • Have time on your hands that you’d like to put to good use; or
  • Have special talents that might be useful to the library; or
  • Seek opportunities to learn new skills and meet new people…

…consider volunteering with the library!