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Jefferson County Public Library and Jefferson County Library Foundation congratulate Mickely Lytle on being named April's Volunteer of the Month. 

For readers of the Denver Post, you may recognize Mickey Lytle from a story the paper did on JCLF’s new online book venture. She was the volunteer working diligently and thoughtfully over a grey bin stuffed with books. Mickey Lytle has been volunteering with the Foundation since 2005, getting her feet wet in the Baby Whale Sale, which was what the Spring Whale Sale was known as back then. Since then, the Baby has become a full-fledged Whale Sale, and Mickey has become a weekly visitor the Foundation warehouse, helping them do everything from sorting and boxing books to evaluating them for sale. As if that wasn’t enough, Mickey recently began volunteering at the Friends Gift & Book Shop, at Belmar. 

“We can always count on Mickey,” Sarah Whelan, development officer for JCLF said. “From Whale Sales to small things at the office—Mickey is always willing to lend a hand.”