Launch into Learning: A Guide for K - 12 Educators

Welcome to Jefferson County Public Library! Here you'll find print, in-person and online resources for educators. Please complete our Student Support Request Form, so we can help meet the learning needs of educators and students.


Scholastic GO!

Explore videos on almost every school core curricula subject, search world news and navigate an interactive atlas.

Homework Help with HelpNow

HelpNow's bilingual tutors help you navigate the school year with virtual help for subjects like math, science, writing and more!

World Book Kids

Start exploring your world! Learn about animals, geography, important people from history, science and more!

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Student Support Form


We're here to help! Contact us for information on

  • Obtaining library cards for classrooms and students
  • Scheduling a visit to (or from) the Library
  • Requesting materials for classroom use
  • General questions

Library Cards for Students

Please note: A JCPL library card grants students access to everything on our website, including content intended for adults. We encourage educators to supervise student access to online library materials. 

We're happy to connect educators and students to a library card to start exploring our online or in-person resources. In addition to standard library cards, JCPL offers several options for educators, including computer-use only cards, institutional cards or temporary online library cards. To learn more about these options, contact us using the Student Support Request Form. For immediate, at-home use, get started with a temporary online library card application (linked below).

Outreach Services Menu

We offer a variety of programs and activities for school and classroom visits. Browse the options and indicate what interests you on our Student Support Request Form. All programs can be customized to meet specific needs.

Children partipating in the After School Fun program at the Golden Library - Releases on fil for Kat & Bryan Southerton (Blue/black striped shirt- Black T-shirt).

FAQs for Educators


  • Please use the Student Support Request Form. Library cards allow for one copy of a book to be placed on hold at a time. As availability allows, we will help obtain multiple copies of a title for your school.
  • Please use the Student Support Request Form to request materials that support student learning. Requests will be filled as availability allows.

  • Please use the Student Support Request Form to request a staff member to help research a specific topic or find the best resources for students on a specific topic. For immediate assistance, call the Library at 303-235-5275.

Preschool / Elementary

Online Resources and Research

Browse and link to resources for preschool - elementary students in our Online Library for Kids.

Online Resources and Research Carousel

Staff Picks and Curriculum Lists

Explore staff picks and curriculum-related reads.

Kids Other Resources

Middle / High School

Online Resources and Research

Browse and link to resources for middle-school to teen students in our Online Library for Teens.

Online Resources and Research Carousel

Staff Picks and Curriculum Lists

Explore staff picks and curriculum-related reads.

Other Resources

Getting Started

Get a library card to access all of the great online resources that the Library has to offer.

Note: A JCPL library card offers access to all content on our site. Adult supervision is recommended.

Online Resources FAQs

  • There are only a few of our resources that you have to access from a computer within the library, and those are Ancestry, ALLDATA Car Repair, and Generations Online.

  • When you access one of our online resources from home, we make sure you have a valid library card by asking you to log in. Please see this FAQ if you are having trouble logging in.

  • The LinkedIn Learning app is now available for iOS and Android. After you download it from your app store, you’ll select Sign in with your library card to log in through your library. You’ll be prompted to enter your library’s ID, which is jeffcolibrary, and then your library card number and pin.

  • Our subscription migrated to LinkedIn Learning on March 9, 2021. Your course progress and playlists may not have transferred over between platforms. For more information, please see these LinkedIn Learning FAQs.

  • Due to privacy policies, it is not possible to highlight course completions or certificates in your personal LinkedIn account for courses taken through the Library's LinkedIn Learning subscription.

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