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Jefferson County Public Library and Jefferson County Library Foundation congratulate Ron Proulx on being named December’s Volunteer of the Month.

You can hardly say “Whale Sale” around the Jefferson County Library Foundation without talking about volunteer Ron Proulx. “Ron is one of those key players,” explained Sarah Whelan, JCLF development officer. “He’s there from set up to tear down—another staff member, really, during the sale.”

Ron puts in a 70-hour week each time the famed Whale of a Used Book Sale rolls around, and can be found doing everything from unloading pallets on the dock to working the cashier desk. But it’s not just manpower that makes Ron so valuable, it’s the depth of knowledge that he brings to the sale and to operations in general. “If Ron has an idea, he’s going to share it,” Don DuBe, JCLF warehouse coordinator said with a laugh. “But it’s always a great idea.”

One of Ron’s greatest ideas had huge impact on the sale. It was his idea to label the pallets of books by area. The first time JCLF implemented it, it took one whole day off of set up, saving the backs of volunteers and staff. One of Ron’s mantras is, “If you’re not measuring, you’re not managing.” Luckily, for the Foundation, he’s a master of both.

 We would like to recognize Ron for his outstanding volunteer efforts and for being such an important part of the Library and Foundation team!