Office Center at JCPL

Take care of your office center needs at JCPL. Each full-service location has an all-in-one printer/copier/fax/scanner.

Connect to Wi-Fi

Network: JCPL public

No charge, no password, no library card required.

Technology from JCPL

Find information for all your business and technology needs. From printing and onsite library technology to technology you can check out and use from home.

Printing & Copying

Printing and copying are available at all locations except for Evergreen. You can print from a JCPL computer or from your own computer or mobile device.


Per page for copies or prints:
Color: $0.25
Black and White: $0.10

Onsite Printing (Printing Directly from a JCPL Computer)

  1. Print your document(s). Use Print Preview to avoid printing extra blank pages.
  2. Go to copier/printer.
  3. Enter your JCPL card number or guest code on the screen next to the printer.
  4. Insert cash or credit card.

Remote Printing (Printing via Personal Computer or Mobile Device)

Please note: documents must be picked up the same day they are sent. Prints are not saved overnight.

  1. Upload or send your document(s) to the TBS Online Printing Portal.
  2. Go to the copier/printer at the location you sent your items.
  3. Enter your JCPL card number or guest code on the screen next to the printer.
  4. Insert cash or a credit card.

Print Portals (By Location)

Scanning & Faxing

Scanning and faxing are free and available at all locations.

Faxing at Wheat Ridge Library is not available at this time.

Faxing and scanning at Evergreen Library are not available at this time.


Follow prompts on the printer/copier screen for location-specific instructions on faxing/scanning.

  • Scans can be sent to an email address or saved to a USB drive.
  • Faxes can be sent to local or long-distance numbers.
  • There is no limit on the number of pages that can be faxed.
  • Faxes cannot be received at any location.

Getting Started

Get a library card to access all of the great online resources that the library has to offer.


  • Each of our libraries has public computers with internet and Microsoft Office. You can reserve a computer, opens a new window with a valid library card.

  • Yes, all of our libraries offer Wi-Fi. Connect to the “JCPL Public” network for free.

  • Yes, printing is available from all JCPL computers, and from your own laptop by using instructions available here. Printing and copying costs: color is $0.25 per page; black and white is $0.10 per page.

    Every library also has a copy machine that scans and faxes. Scanning and faxing are free. 

  • We have Wi-Fi hotspots and Chromebooks available for Jefferson County residents to check out and take home. Hotspots check out for 7 days, and Chromebooks check out for 60 days. We also have laptops that can be reserved and used in the library at Arvada, Belmar, Columbine, Golden, Edgewater, Evergreen and Lakewood.

  • Two microfilm readers are available at the Lakewood Library. The machines can crop, print, email and save to a flash drive.

Library Technology News

Your Reading Experience is Now… Boundless!

Sep 25, 2023
Axis 360 is now Boundless, a more personalized and modern reading experience for e-book readers and digital audiobook listeners.
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