Keep Your E-Book App Up to Date!

For some e-book readers, the primary platform you use is changing. OverDrive is winding down support for the classic OverDrive app in favor of Libby, an updated and modernized app. As a result, the classic OverDrive app will cease to exist in early 2023. After this transition, the Libby app will be the only app available for accessing our OverDrive collection.

OverDrive as a parent company, and their browsable website --, opens a new window -- will continue to exist. Learn more about what actions are needed to keep your service up to date.

What do I need to do?

  • If you use the classic OverDrive app on an iOS device or an Android phone or tablet, this means you will need to search for "Libby" in the app store on your device, install it and start using it. Learn how to use Libby.
  • If you use a Kindle Fire tablet, you will need to directly download Libby, since Libby is not available in the Kindle Fire app store. Learn how to download the Libby app directly to your Kindle Fire tablet, and then get to know Libby.
  • If you use a Kindle e-reader (Paperwhite, Oasis, Scribe, etc.) or another e-reader (Nook, Kobo, etc.), you can continue delivering e-books via our OverDrive website. E-books can also be delivered to e-readers using the Libby app on a mobile device, and via the Libby app website. Check our FAQs when you are ready to learn about these alternatives.
  • If you already use the Libby app, you are all set!

We are here to help with this transition.

Explore our online guides on your own, but feel free to visit us or contact us with your questions. For more in-depth help, please register to attend one of our assistance sessions, or book an appointment with a librarian.