Community Members Shape New Library in South Jeffco

Jefferson County Public Library (JCPL) is planning for a new location in south Jefferson County, opens a new window in response to growing demand for Library services that help build an educated and vibrant community by providing equal access to information and opportunities.

The first phase of community engagement has been completed and a new report, opens a new window highlights information gathered from those efforts, which include an online survey and four community meetings. The next step: A real estate search.

JCPL has heard from more than 1,300 community members, who provided insights into community priorities. From a commitment to sustainable energy and water consumption to options for browsing and access to laptop computers rather than desktops, we got great direction from Jeffco residents.

What the community wants to see in the Library

Comfortable, convenient and welcoming were three of the top five words community members used to describe their ideal Library for South County. They also voiced preferences for light, colors and seating and expressed interest in natural lighting and flexible seating options.

Community members asked for a maker space with audio and video editing capabilities, classes that appeal to all generations, plentiful outdoor seating options and more to ensure that Jeffco residents of all ages will find something of value in this new Library.

JCPL will start its search for a location in the coming months, and will work with an architecture firm (soon to be announced) on renovations based on community input. Sign up for future community input meetings and get updates about the South County Library., opens a new window