Calling all Jeffco teens, Mission to Read needs your help

Volunteer for Summer Reading 2019

We’re looking for volunteers for Summer Reading 2019: Mission to Read! If you’re going into grades 7 - 12 in the fall, we want you to be one of our valued crew members!

Volunteer for Summer Reading and serve your favorite Library and the community. You’ll earn service hours, meet new friends, hand out prizes and gain invaluable job experience.

“You get good people skills,” says one Summer Reading volunteer. “You get to interact with all different kinds of people: people who are younger or older, moms and dads...which is good for any [future] job. It’s a good [opportunity] to prepare yourself for that.”  

Not only will you assist with the Summer Reading Help Desk – getting excited participants registered for Summer Reading, handing out prizes and answering questions – you’ll also help with a variety of interactive children’s programs and tasks throughout the Library.

“[Summer Reading volunteering] is very good for things — obviously earning service hours, experience and people skills and things — but I also really love [helping] the kids,” said another volunteer. “They’re just the cutest and they’re always so happy to see you — that’s my favorite part!”

Training takes place in May. Applicants will be notified of specific training dates after acceptance.

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Summer Reading launches into action June 1 - July 31!