Introducing Borrow-a-Puppy

Adorable Puppies Receive Infinite Love; Found On Our Library Shelves

We’ve always said libraries are more than just books, and today we’re happy to announce we’re taking that sentiment to the next level. Now you can check out real, live puppies!

No experience? No problem. Your Borrow-A-Puppy comes with an instruction manual and all the food and poop bags you’ll need.

We’ve researched and tested our new puppy checkout system and are ready to go. The community feedback we’ve received from the tests has been amazing:

“I’ve been single forever,” said Eric a patron of the Lakewood Library, “but with the help of a beagle puppy named Max that I checked out from the Jeffco Library, I went from always getting the cold shoulder to having the world’s best ice-breaker.”

“As a mother of three children who have been begging for a puppy for years, being able to check out Maddie the yellow lab has changed their tune,” Lacy of Arvada said about the Borrow-A-Puppy program.  “The kids have cleaned up countless ‘gifts’ Maddie’s left us around the house, so their dreams have been crushed real good. Thanks, Jeffco Library!”

“I’m a cat person,” Evergreen patron, Carla M. had to say. “After trying out dog-ownership for a week, I’m still a cat person.”

What do you need to check out your own puppy? You only need a library card, but make sure you return the little rascals on time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please return puppies directly to library staff and NOT in the book drop-off.


Also, Happy April Fools’ Day.