What is happening with the classic OverDrive app?

OverDrive considers Libby the primary and recommended app for OverDrive library users, and has decided it is time to wind down support for the classic OverDrive app. As a result, the classic OverDrive app was removed from the Apple and Google app stores on February 23, 2022. Anyone currently using the classic OverDrive app will be able to continue using it until April 2023. At that time, the Libby app will be the only app available for accessing our OverDrive collection. E-books can continue to be delivered to Kindle e-readers and other e-readers via the OverDrive website, and can also be delivered via Libby app, and the Libby app website.

The Libby app is not yet available in the Kindle Fire app store and must be directly downloaded onto Kindle Fires. Learn how to download the Libby app directly to your Kindle Fire.

We are here to help with this transition. Please see information, resources, and help options in this news post.