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Jefferson County Public Library and Jefferson County Library Foundation congratulate Kayla White on being named December’s Volunteer of the Month.

Kayla White is a dedicated, enthusiastic volunteer who is up for just about anything. She has been a huge help to me with Kids & Families outreach to the schools. She diligently showed up at 7am to pack Summer Reading book boxes into the JCPL van, ensuring that our school visit to Pleasantview Elementary went off without a hitch. She then helped me pack up the van again at the end of the visit, lugging book boxes without complaint.

She has also graciously agreed to wear the Kids & Families’ Snoopy costume this fall and has posed for umpteen selfies with grade schoolers and has given out many Snoopy hugs to excited children. Kayla’s smile, calm demeanor and easygoing nature have made her an invaluable part of the Golden Library Team.

-Sarah Coleman, Children’s Services Librarian

We are very fortunate Kayla came our way.  She has such a willing attitude and always helps with a cheerful smile.  There are often special projects for which we enlist Kayla’s help because she always does each project so thoroughly. Kayla is enthusiastic, incredibly reliable and capable.  She showed up week after week this spring during our re-model services in the parking lot, pitching in however necessary with her usual positive attitude amidst the snow, cold and rain storms! Her dedication to her work at the library while handling her rigorous coursework at the School of Mines is commendable.  She is a gem!

-Amy Mueller, Operations Supervisor

Kayla is a dedicated volunteer!  When we were under renovation, Kayla worked outside in THE POD, searching for patron’s holds with a flashlight when it was dark; in the wind and snow wearing gloves and a scarf, when it snowed in April;  and in boiling temps, when the weather heated up THE POD like a tin can on a stove.  She is really a trooper!

-Laura Segawa, Adult Services Librarian

 Kayla smiles. Kayla comes in on time. Kayla is unflappable. Kayla is cheerful. Kayla worked the storage container all spring! And smiled! And was cheerful! And recognized the regular patrons! Kayla does her work correctly. Kayla does her work efficiently and effectively.

We are so dog-gone lucky she chooses to hang out with us here at Golden!

-Jo Barber, Patron Experience Associate 

Thank you, Kayla, for all that you do!  We would like to recognize her for her outstanding volunteer efforts and for being such an important part of the JCPL team!