Volunteer Spotlight: Jaidyn and Shannon, Golden Library

JCPL's Volunteer of the Month for November 2023

Jaidyn and Shannon have been friends since fourth grade but lost touch during the pandemic when schools switched to remote learning. But then, about two years ago, both girls started volunteering at the Library separately, not knowing the other was too. Somehow — they don't recall when or how — they realized the connection and swapped their volunteer days to work together as a team. Since then, their hilarious dual presence has brought joy to all JCPL staff! 

"Shannon and Jaidyn are my teen dream team," Joyce, Golden Library's PX supervisor, says. "They are truly delightful, and I don't know what we'd do without them."

Shannon and Jaidyn find common ground at the Library, but their personalities are very distinct! Rather than clashing, their differences allow them to effortlessly riff off each other, with their volunteer shifts full of banter and good-natured bickering. 

"Jaidyn and Shannon have unique personalities that complement each other well," Jasmyne, PX associate, says. "When volunteering together, they are a remarkable duo who are reliable and enthusiastic. It's always a delight when they volunteer for the Library!"

When asked to describe herself, Shannon laughs, "I'm just a nerd." Nothing wrong with that! Shannon loves band (she plays trombone) and French and is a dedicated reader — she had just picked up four new books at The Tattered Cover earlier in the week! She is most excited to read "Six of Crows," a fast-paced heist/mystery novel with a strong anti-hero theme. Shannon bikes everywhere, including to the Library, and is overflowing with bubbly energy and a million ideas. After graduation, Shannon wants to help make the world a better place, though she hasn't quite decided how. Some of her ideas are working as a lawyer, a marine biologist, a librarian or an author.

Jaidyn is calm and collected and deliberates thoughtfully before giving an answer. She is a creative free spirit who likes to draw (primarily cartoon, graffiti and doodle styles), but is also taking a ceramics class at school to expand her artistic repertoire. One of her favorite recent reads is "The Sun is Also a Star," a love story that explores themes of identity, immigration and fate. Jaidyn has considered working in a library after she graduates but also likes the idea of working as a 911 dispatcher, a psychiatric nurse or a career where she can help kids. All of those options would suit her character of remaining cool under pressure!

Both girls are freshmen and describe their first few weeks of high school as "chaotic but fun." They agree that the biggest change from middle school is the amount of independence they get on campus. As long as they show up to class on time, they are free to go where they like between bells. 

The coursework is also more challenging, and their free time is booked with lots of extracurriculars, but they are ready for the extra difficulty!

To any teens thinking about volunteering, Jaidyn encourages: "Just try it. It's a good opportunity to start with something."  

"The staff are all so nice and welcoming," Shannon adds. "And they have great book recommendations!"

Thank you, Jaidyn and Shannon!! We love having your help at JCPL!