National Library Week

Celebrate National Library Week (April 19 – 25, 2020) with Jefferson County Public Library (JCPL). Traditionally a time to acknowledge the contribution of all libraries and library workers, this week will be celebrated a bit differently than it has over the past 62 years.

The COVID-19 situation impacts almost every area of our lives, including how you connect with your library. While our physical locations are currently closed, we continue to serve as a pipeline for rich content, providing access to e-books, opens a new window, audiobooks, opens a new window, movies, opens a new window, music, opens a new window, magazines and newspapers, opens a new window. And now you can participate in virtual Story Times, opens a new window and online programming, opens a new window too!

Your comments, emails, and social media posts celebrating JCPL during this unprecedented time for our community mean the world to us. We’d like to share a few here, as your words explain the value of JCPL better than we ever could:

Dear Jeffco Librarian,

This is fan mail, not a question. I think you guys are the coolest for doing all this. Our wonderful Jeffco library system gives so much life to our community. You are a critical part of the fabric that holds us, particularly in times like this. Thank you for everything you do. Please try and remember this - each one of you is very appreciated for what you contribute to our community.

You guys make me proud to live in Jefferson County, Colorado.

I just want to reach out as a long time JeffCo patron and also as a library professional in another system - I am so impressed by what you all are doing to make sure staff and patrons are safe, and that patrons still have access to abundant resources during this time! Thank you for all your work on this and your leadership example for the state as a whole.

I am proud of Jeffco libraries' response to our current frightening situation.  Libraries can do a lot to reassure people and provide community and Jeffco is doing just that.  You are appreciated!

What a wonderful message I just received from you.  I so appreciate it. Since I am sequestered at home, and all the things I love to do are closed, I was so happy to read this message of information, concern and HOPE. THANK YOU!

Thank you!  We love using overdrive and the online resources. In these times of less to do and staying home more, it is wonderful to have this resource.

We’ve received dozens of emails like these from you, our patrons, and they inspire us to continue bringing you the resources and services you need to thrive, even during the toughest of times.

The only thing better than hearing from you in an email or letter is seeing you share on social media just how you are using library resources. You can use the hashtag #JCPLove or #JCPLifeHack to ensure we see your post.