Friendships bloom at teen programs

Teen After Hours programs offer fun programs just for tweens and teens.

Sitting with tweens James Dominguez and Lazslo Katona during Lakewood’s Teen After Hours program is a bit like trying to control chaos. They’re all movement, laughter, inside jokes and energy. They’ve known each other since first grade, but recently transitioned to separate middle schools.

For James, his favorite part about Teen After Hours, opens a new window is “Lazslo-hyphen-fun!”

The ongoing program has become a rare opportunity for the two to see each other again. The frequency and dependability of Teen After Hours offers a fun, convenient and easy solution to planning around conflicting schedules.

“We come to these so we can see each other,” Lazslo says.

And they guarantee they’re going to keep attending, because in James’ words, “They always have food, which is amazing!”

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