Branching out

Grow your family tree and discover something new with genealogy at the Library.

Who am I? Where do I come from?

Exploring personal identity by connecting to the past — personal, familial, cultural or national — has become a rising interest in the 21st century. For some, it’s the desire to confirm or establish family heritage; for others, it’s seeking future security by unlocking family medical history.

Popular products have made genealogy research mainstream, and the Library provides tools like, opens a new window and MyHeritage, opens a new window to help you! Through Book a Librarian, opens a new window, online resources, a comprehensive genealogy collection at Lakewood Library and special programming, like Family Finders at Evergreen, opens a new window, the Library provides advice, guidance and a community of support to answer life’s big questions.

“You’ll be surprised by what’s out there,” says Grant Merrill, genealogical expert and president of the Mountain Genealogists Society. “Most people have an interest in where they come from…If people like solving puzzles, they’ll hone right in on it!” The Library is the perfect place to begin solving your family’s puzzle.

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