Discover the Cosmos this Summer

Exclusive first-look images from the James Webb Telescope will be unveiled at the Standley Lake Library

Gaze deep into the far reaches of the universe with the first unveiling of full-color images from the James Webb Space Telescope. On July 15, JCPL will host an exclusive reveal party for the images in collaboration with NASA.

JCPL is one of only a few organizations across the country that will be able to view the images reproduced by this incredible feat of science so far. Several images, opens a new window have been released to highlight the strength of the new telescope. The latest pictures may depict nebulae, star clusters, planets and potentially exoplanets in our solar system in the highest definition available.

With help from the enthusiastic astronomy community at the Standley Lake Library, Adult Services Librarian Sean Eads set up this incredible opportunity. He is ecstatic to be selected as a location for the first release of these important pieces of space history.  

“I’m just thrilled. JCPL strives to be a place of discovery and wonder, where information feeds creativity and expands our notions about what’s possible,” said Eads. “We want to inspire and build community understanding. The images will do that in dramatic fashion.”

Alongside the release of these stunning images, JCPL offers a variety of interstellar events hosted by the expert astronomers at Standley Lake Stargazing. Catch glimpses of the rings of Saturn, the moons of Jupiter and the hidden craters of the moon through large telescopes at Outdoor Stargazing Star Parties. Attend one of our awe-inspiring discussions hosted by experts during Cosmic Conversations and Active Minds Monday.

“This local programming is incredibly important. It tears down the barriers to entry and allows our community members to ask questions and engage in discussions that ultimately promote science to our corner of the world,” said Aric Vhymeister, Executive Director of Standley Lake Stargazing.

Vhymeister is excited to see the public make connections to the ways science drives our modern world and their daily lives. 

“Educating the community about space is a great way to explore so many different aspects of the world we live in, such as philosophical and practical questions about what it means to be human, our role in the environment, the future of space travel, life on other worlds and even the origins of the universe itself,” Vhymeister said.

Eads echoed a similar sentiment about the importance of sharing your passions. His blossoming knowledge of the final frontier is thanks to JCPL patrons young and old, and he hopes to pay that forward.

“Developing knowledge and sharing it is such a fundamental thing. I’m hoping a few of our next generation of space engineers and astrophysicists will one day say, ‘I got interested in space because I went to a library program’.”

Check out our full list of events below: