Your Reading Experience is Now… Boundless!

Available September 26 in app stores and on the web.

On September 26, Axis 360 at Jefferson County Public Library, opens a new window will officially retire, with Baker & Taylor's new Boundless taking center stage! Boundless offers a more personalized and modern reading experience for e-book readers and digital audiobook listeners, with all your information from Axis 360 migrated seamlessly. Download the app from your preferred app store or access the web version online at to start exploring.

Explore Boundless

While most of the functionality of Axis 360 will remain the same, Boundless offers several new features to enhance your reading experience, including profiles for age groups, pins for added security, preferences for personalized recommendations, improved options for offline reading and an updated, modern interface.


Like many popular online streaming services, you will now have the option to create up to five profiles under a single JCPL card for a more personalized experience based on age. For example, teen profiles display only young adult or children's materials, and kid profiles only display children's materials. Profiles are completely optional and can be added or deleted at any time.


You can now set up user pins for added security between profiles.

Reading Recommendations

When you first open the app (or set up a new profile), you will be prompted to select reading interests and age ranges. A personalized carousel of recommended reads will automatically feed into your "My Shelf" section.

Improved Offline Reading

Under "My Shelf," you can now see a section called "Downloads" to more easily access the items that you have downloaded to your device for offline reading on the go. 

Improved Look and Feel

One of the biggest changes you might notice in Boundless is that it just looks different. Never fear — your favorite features are still here: wishlist, holds, checkouts, bookmarks, browsing history and more have migrated with your information into the new experience, but with a fresher look and feel.

Discover these features and more when you access Boundless starting September 26. Explore FAQs on, opens a new window for step-by-step instructions on how to access, check out these video tutorials or book an appointment, opens a new window with a librarian for 1:1 set-up assistance.