Back to School with JCPL

As hot and smoky as it’s been in Jefferson County, it’s hard to believe that summer is winding down and school starts next week! However, this school year will be unlike any we’ve ever experienced. Schools are adjusting just like the rest of us to learn how best to serve your kids. Jefferson County Public Schools is introducing a hybrid program of remote learning with in-person instruction. Families will have a choice of whether their kids attend school in person or online, and what their remote learning environment looks like.

There will be a learning curve for everybody, and Jefferson County Public Library is here for you! School libraries may not be open, so we want to offer you and your family the materials and help you need to make it through this unique year. You can find dozens of online resources, remote learning support and more on our website, opens a new window.

We’ve also compiled a list of 10 ways this school year will be different than previous years. This school year won’t look quite the same as last year, but there are some upsides to remote learning.

10. Perfect attendance is all but guaranteed. You won’t have to worry about your kid missing the bus when their classroom is just down the hall from their bed. It does give a new meaning to sleeping through class, though. The many changes due to COVID-19 could be rough for you and your kids, but your own home can at least provide a sense of normalcy. Check out our resources on supporting you and your family during the pandemic., opens a new window 

9. The excuse “My dog ate my homework” might actually work now. Homework will look different this year, as all of your kids’ work will technically be homework. But now they’re more likely to come to you for help. Need to brush up on Algebra or re-learn exactly what the Magna Carta was? We’ve got you! Visit our Homework Help resources, opens a new window, which include live virtual tutor help, as well as our Teen page, opens a new window, which has dozens of other resources. What subject do you need? Math, opens a new window? Science, opens a new window? Social Studies, opens a new window? We have all of those, and more! 

8. Popularity and peer pressure won’t play a big role. There will be no playground pressure to master the latest TikTok dance or have the coolest new phone. But this lack of social connection can also be stifling. Make sure your kids are still making social connections, opens a new window and keeping up on the latest popular reads, opens a new window and trends. 

7. Your kid doesn’t have to raise their hand to go use the bathroom. No need for hall passes anymore! The teachers at Jeffco Public Schools are great. They have had to make adjustments for online teaching as well, and are working hard to teach your kids in this unique time. But you’re going to have to help more than ever before to make sure they’re keeping up. What are your kids learning? What’s the curriculum? How do you help? For quick answers on your research topics, there’s also Scholastic Go!, opens a new window 

6. You no longer have to worry about your kid going to school wearing mismatched clothes. They can go in their pajamas if they want to. Anything goes for their school uniform now, and you’ll probably save some money not having to buy the latest kicks. Striped shirts with plaid shorts are A-OK now. 

5. No more need to buy folders and pencils in bulk. How often did your kid reach the end of the year without even opening the majority of those folders? Now, you can save your money and get involved in stuff your kid will open and enjoy – things like BookFlix, opens a new window and TumbleBooks, opens a new window, which help teach kids essential reading skills in a format they will love. 

4. Your kid can’t lose his or her lunch anymore, or trade the whole thing for a Watermelon Jolly Rancher. With fewer school lunches, you can now make sure your kid has a side of fruit for lunch instead of two helpings of chocolate pudding. However, that may require you to have more fruit in the house. They can also help around the house by making some of your family meals using a wide variety of Juvenile cookbooks, opens a new window! 

3. You don’t have to carpool or navigate the zoo that is school dropoff. Even though Jeffco Public Schools makes it as easy as possible, the dropoff and pickup turns into a chaotic free-for-all every morning and afternoon. Rather than have your child experience the different levels of anger and road rage from their friends’ parents, have them learn how other cultures live and be more globally conscious through CultureGrams., opens a new window

2. You don’t have to worry about lice anymore, right? Those semiannual class trips where the kids sit down in a chair while the nurse combs through their hair don’t have to happen anymore. It’s also going to be pretty tough to play hooky, but you can take recess whenever you want, for as long as you want! 

1. Your kids will get to look at their phones and laptops during class. Your kid’s dream is here—they can have their phone out in the middle of class. In fact, it may be how they best study and participate in class. We’ve compiled a staff list on computer resources, opens a new window to make sure your kids have all the tools they need to succeed in an online learning environment. 

Does this return to school for your kids bring back some back-to-school fears of your own? Prepare to go back to school with this book list, opens a new window designed to help you tackle back-to-school fears for you and your kids. And if you think we missed something on this list, please share your success stories, opens a new window with us!