Arvada Library Closure

JCPL has been closely following the reports of methamphetamine residue found at libraries in our region and working with expert partners for guidance on this topic.

Earlier this month, we provided information to Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH) and asked for guidance about the need to test our facilities. Based on JCPH's response to the Library, we conducted preliminary testing for the Arvada Library. This decision was based on a risk assessment that included reviewing incident reports of all JCPL locations.

The results of the preliminary assessment conducted by EnviroSpec indicated there was presence of methamphetamine residue at the Arvada Library. The Arvada Library will be closed as of Sat., Jan. 28 until further testing can be conducted to determine the extent of the affected area. The duration of the closure is unknown at this time and next steps will be determined in consultation with our expert partners.

According to existing studies, health risks from casual secondary exposure to meth residue (surfaces/smoke) in public places is very low as compared to longer-term exposure in spaces where people live and where methamphetamine is or was manufactured or consumed regularly. 

This is an ongoing situation and if there is information that would lead us to believe that there is an unreasonable risk to the health of staff or patrons, testing at other locations would be plausible.

The health and safety of our staff and patrons is always our number one priority.  Thank you for your patience; we will communicate updates as we learn more.

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