Getting started: OverDrive on a PC or Mac

Step-by-step instructions: (Print)

  1. In a browser, visit our OverDrive collection ( to browse or search for e-books or magazines.
  2. Browse by Subject or Collections, or search by title, author or keyword by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.
  3. When you find an available title, click Borrow and follow prompts to sign in.
  4. Click the Read Now in Browser button.
  5. Use the menus at the top left to change font size, download the title for offline access, use bookmarks, or search within the text.
  6. If the e-book you find is not available, click Place a Hold, follow prompts to sign in, and enter your email address if needed. Magazines will always be available.


  • Your borrowed item will automatically return at the end of the loan period. If you wish to return an e-book early, click the Return button near the title in your list of Loans().
  • If an e-book does not have holds, a Renew button will appear next to the title in your Loans three days before its expiration date.
  • You may have 40 e-book checkouts and 40 e-book holds at one time. Enjoy unlimited magazines.
  • Receiving automatic alerts for new issues of magazines and printing from magazines are not currently possible.
  • When you are notified that an e-book hold is ready for you, you have four choices:
    1. You can borrow the title within 3 days.
    2. You can cancel the hold and let it go on to the next person.
    3. You can suspend the hold by selecting “deliver later.” This option passes the book to the next person in line while maintaining your place on the wait list. You will set the suspension period, and after that is over, you will receive the next copy available.
    4. You can do nothing, and your hold will automatically be suspended as a one-time courtesy for 7 days. If no action is taken a second time, the hold will be cancelled automatically.