Getting Started: Hoopla in Browser (PC or Mac)

Video tutorial, opens a new window

Step-by-step instructions: (Printable version)

Create Your Hoopla account

In a browser, go to and click Get Started. Follow the steps to set up your account:

  1. Find Jefferson County Public Library.
  2. Enter your library card number.
  3. Enter your email address and a password.
Search, Browse and Borrow
  1. Click on Browse and choose Audiobooks, Movies, Music, Comics, E-books or Television, or use the Search box to find a specific title.
  2. To check out a title, click or hover on the cover image, then click Borrow.
  3. Click Play to listen or watch, or Read to open an e-book. (A safe browser plug-in called Widevine Media Optimizer might be required on Firefox. Follow prompts to install. Go to for troubleshooting.)
  4. Borrowed titles are listed under My Hoopla. From here you can:
    • Play, listen or read the title.
    • See when it will be returned.
    • Return it early.
    • Add it to your Favorites (heart icon).


  • Hoopla content is only available via streaming on computers, requiring an internet connection.
  • All of the titles are available all of the time, so there’s no requesting or waiting.
  • Jefferson County residents may borrow 10 titles per month, and the count resets the first of the month. In addition to each person having a lending limit of 10 titles per month, we also have a daily, system-wide budget limit, which reset at midnight. If you encounter a limit, add your items to your “Favorites” and try again after midnight.
  • Titles are automatically returned at the end of the check-out period, which is 3 days for videos, 7 days for music, and 21 days for audiobooks, e-books, and comics. If you are not finished, you are welcome to borrow it again. Music titles can be borrowed only 2 times in 1 month.