Getting Started: Libby on Kindle Fire Tablet

Kindle Fire Tutorial, opens a new window

Step-by-step instructions: (Printable version)

Installing Libby

Option 1: Download the Libby App from the App Store

The Libby app should be available in the Kindle Fire app store. If you see it after searching for "Libby," install it, and open it. Then, follow prompts to find Jefferson County Public Library, and enter your library card number.

Option 2: Download the Libby App Directly

If you do not see Libby in the search results after searching in the app store, follow these instructions for directly downloading the app:

  1. In the Silk browser, go to
  2. Tap the button that says "Download Libby APK."
  3. Tap OK, Allow, or Continue to proceed.
    • The wording may vary and you may get warnings saying that the Silk browser needs more access on your device or that this kind of file should be avoided. OverDrive tests the file to make sure it’s safe, so you can safely dismiss these messages for the Libby APK.
    • In addition, if you get a message saying your device is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source, tap Settings, and toggle “Allow from this source” on. After you finish installing the Libby app, turn this setting back to off, under your device home screen Settings, then Privacy & Security.
  4. If you see a prompt to open the download, tap Open. If you don’t see a prompt to open, locate the file in your downloads folder (possibly found under Utilities > Docs > Local Storage) and tap to open.
  5. Tap Install in the bottom right corner, if prompted.
  6. Once the file downloads, or the screen says App Installed, tap Open in the bottom right corner.
  7. If you have never used Libby, follow prompts to find Jefferson County Public Library, and enter your library card number. (Search For A Library)
  8. If you already use Libby on another device, you can use a setup code to copy your library cards, loans, holds, and tags to your Kindle Fire tablet. (Copy From Another Device)
Option 3: Use OverDrive or Libby via the Silk browser

If you do not see Libby in the app store, and the direct download will not work, follow these instructions for using or in the Silk browser. After delivering, the book can be found on your Kindle Fire homescreen, or in the Kindle reading app, depending on the model and generation of your device.

Using Libby

Search or Browse

Tap on the building icon to browse featured titles and categories. Tap on the magnifying glass icon to search.

Check Out and Read
  • Tap on Borrow near a title’s cover and then tap Borrow again. Tap Open Book to begin reading in the app (it automatically downloads), tap on Keep Browsing to continue searching for titles, or Go To Shelf to see the other reading options.
  • To adjust font size and type, tap on the screen and use the menu bar at the top of the page.
  • To close the book, tap on the screen to access the menu options and tap Back. Your place is automatically bookmarked.
  • To access your borrowed titles, tap on the stacked book icon, then loans. Turn the pages by swiping left or right on the screen or tapping near the left or right.

You may check out 40 e-books at a time, and check out unlimited magazines.

Place a Hold, Check Out a Hold
  • Tap Place a Hold near a title’s cover, then tap Place Hold again. Tap Keep Browsing to continue searching for titles, Suspend Hold if you need to, or Go To Shelf.
  • Libby will not send email notifications about holds by default. Tap on Menu then Settings, then Manage Notifications and follow prompts to select your notification preferences.
  • When you receive a notification that a hold is ready, tap on the stacked book icon, then holds.
  • When a hold is ready, you have 3 days to borrow it, delay it, or cancel it.
    • To borrow it, tap on Borrow near the cover, and tap Borrow again.
    • To deliver the hold later, tap Deliver Later and choose a new delivery date.
    • To cancel the hold, tap Manage Hold, then Cancel Hold.
    • If you do nothing, your hold will be automatically scheduled for later delivery one time.

You may have 40 e-books on hold, and magazines are always available.

Early Returns and Renewing
  • Your borrowed item will automatically return at the end of the 21-day loan period. If you wish to return an item early, tap on the stacked books icon, then loans, then tap Manage Loan near the cover. Tap Return Early, and then Return.
  • If a title does not have holds, you can renew it within three days of its due date. To renew a title, tap on the stacked books icon, then loans, then Manage Loan near the cover. Tap Renew Loan, then Renew.