July 1 - Conifer Library will be closed for school maintenance. 

July 4 - All locations will be closed in observance of Independence day.

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Walk in the Park

I took a walk in the park  today. Begun with heavy  footsteps, each thud tinged with hurt and frustration. Solace found in the quiet. Footfalls  softened. It spoke to me through...

Mindwipe: an original character

This crazy maniac is Mindwipe. Before he got his cybernetic parts he was a normal man. One day when he was driving in his car a large piece of metal fell from another superhero b...

Film Review: Eye in the Sky

Be warned: this film is rated R. Watching Eye in the Sky will infuriate you to no end, no matter what political stance you hold going in. That comes largely from the fact it’s ch...