Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteers play vital roles in helping the Library further its mission of building an educated and vibrant community through access to information and opportunities. Each month we introduce you to and highlight the work of some of these generous individuals.

Volunteers Staying Busy During Pandemic

“I headed to Colorado Springs the first weekend in April to help with my daughter-in-law’s back surgery....that was canceled of course, but we decided to help the community both here in Arvada and Wheat Ridge as well as in the Springs.  In the end, we made over 1,000 masks given to first responders, hospitals and nursing facilities.” – Terry Weimer

“I miss seeing the children that I was reading to. The fantastic bright side is that now I ‘duo’ my grand-kids when my daughter needs help.  I can read to my 2 year old grandson, help my 6 year old grandson learn his songs, listen to my 8 year old grandson do his math, and help my 10 year old granddaughter do whatever project she is working on. I am home and available to read to them or listen to them read to me.  I love seeing them, just need to figure out how to hug them online.”  – Cathy Vasboe

 “I've made masks, and masks, and masks.  I have now run out of elastic -- but my fabric stash is lessening!  This is a good thing.  Thank God for Kindles -- so I can read pretty much whenever I want -- I was painting largish rocks and placing them in the park near me until I discovered an adult 'rocknapping' them.  Now I'm sorting family pictures three generations back!” - Terry Maupin

“[My husband] Bob and I are safe at home with our son and two teen grandsons.  We look forward to doing home delivery for the library again soon.  Meanwhile, we feel a bit guilty having a few library books that 100+ people are waiting for.  We're circulating them around the neighborhood, hoping we can find them again when the library reopens.” – Judie Rossell

“Thanks to Act Locally members, friends and neighbors, we were able to deliver a truckload of food – with the help of The Golden Hayride – to the Christian Action Guild Food Pantry and Thrift Shop where it will be distributed to Golden folks in need.” –Audrey Waugh

“We take time every day to be grateful and to think about who in our circle of friends, acquaintances, colleagues and co-workers may need an extra call or zoom or offer of help and try to do what we can.  We try to laugh as much as possible and to be kind and patient with each other.  And, we spoil the dog.” – Kim Grogan

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