Yaz, Golden Library

JCPL's Volunteer of the Month for May 2024

Yasaman (aka "Yaz") joined JCPL's volunteer team three years ago — when she was a freshman in high school — but has loved visiting the Library since she was very young. 

"The Library was always a comfortable place for me to strive and grow, so I wanted to give back by volunteering," Yaz explains. "A fond memory I have from my childhood is that when my brother and I were kids, we would always come to the Library on Fridays and get a bunch of DVDs to watch at our grandma's house."

Yaz has many duties as a volunteer, but her favorite task is organizing and cleaning the Children's Space because of the nostalgia she feels seeing all her old favorite books (she adores the classics "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" and "Corduroy"). Nowadays, Yaz mainly reads mysteries. "A Good Girl's Guide to Murder" is one of her recent favorites.

"It keeps you on edge the whole time," Yaz promises.

She also gets plenty of recommendations from JCPL staff.

"Sometimes I don't even ask, and they suggest a book to me," Yaz laughs. "The librarians are really nice and caring."

Yaz also loves watching movies, especially comedies or rom-coms ("10 Things I Hate About You, opens a new window" is at the top of her list).

Yaz will graduate high school this year and plans to study law at CU-Boulder. She is particularly interested in family law and wants to help support children and caregivers through divorce and custody proceedings. The challenge and independence of college will be an exciting new chapter for Yaz.

"I'm looking forward to the new opportunities I'll have. It will be way different from high school, and I like being in charge of my own life," Yaz explains. "I'm most nervous about making new friends. I'm kind of extroverted, but being in a whole new environment makes it harder."

Library staff is already mourning losing Yaz as a volunteer after graduation.

"Yasaman has been volunteering here at Golden for many years. She comes ready to work, happy to help, and is a pleasure to work with," PX associate Joyce says. "I also love catching up with her and hearing about all her family adventures. She has cousins from Australia!! And everywhere else, it seems. She is a delightful young lady. I'm so glad she volunteers here."

"I really like volunteering at the Library," Yaz says. "I always tell my friends you should come work here, too."

We appreciate your hard work and generous spirit, Yaz! You will be missed while you are away at college!