Mobius Libraries are Leaving Prospector

As of January 2024, Mobius will no longer be available to JCPL cardholders.

If you've ever looked for a book to check out that wasn't in JCPL's collection, there's a good chance you used Prospector to find it.

Prospector allows JCPL cardholders to check out books from libraries across Colorado and have them sent to their location of choice.

But, as of January 2024, Mobius, a consortium of libraries in Missouri partnering with Prospector, will no longer be available to JCPL cardholders.

Jan. 12 will be the last day you can request items through Mobius. After that, the Mobius portal will be closed in Prospector. The courier service will continue through March 2024 to ensure all Mobius items return to Missouri.

Thankfully, JCPL and Prospector are two robust collections available to all JCPL cardholders in good standing. For items not found at JCPL or Prospector, please submit an Interlibrary Loan request. For questions about using these resources, please contact us or schedule a one-on-one appointment with a librarian.