Keep Your Library Card Up to Date

Select Temporary Online Library Cards Set to Expire the End of January

Don’t lose access to your Library Card! As we gradually move back to pre-pandemic rules and conditions, we are reverting the temporary Library Card process to our former system. Temporary Library Cards that were created before January 10, 2022 will expire on January 31. Newly created temporary Library Cards will automatically expire after three weeks.

If you have a temporary Library Card, visit your nearest location with a photo ID to convert it to a permanent Library Card.No appointments required, but we do need to see you in person, via curbside or at our service desks. Not only does this guarantee your access to all of our resources, you also get to carry around a piece of JCPL with you at all times.

For additional answers to all your library card-related questions, browse our FAQs page. There, you’ll find information on how to renew your library card, how to manage your account, what your privacy rights are and so much more. Get a Library Card.