Arvada Library Reopens Monday, March 27

We are excited to announce that the Arvada Library is reopening today, March 27! All library services are now available at the Arvada Library, including programming for Story Times and more. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this closure, and we can't wait to see you again!

We are able to reopen the Arvada Library following an extensive cleaning of all public spaces in the Library, including the restrooms, meeting rooms, elevator and staircase. After cleaning, we submitted samples to our certified contractor, who deemed the methamphetamine contamination to be remediated per state guidelines and the approved variance we submitted earlier in March.

There are no health risks upon returning to the Arvada Library. We are investigating ways to prevent a recurrence of this issue in the future, including adding environmental sensors and additional staffing.

Please visit our FAQs to learn more about this closure, our cleaning procedures and what we are doing to prevent a closure like this from happening again. Check our website for upcoming events at the Arvada Library.