Getting Started: Boundless in Browser (PC or Mac)

Step-by-step instructions: (Printable version)

In a browser, visit our Boundless collection: Click Sign In in the top right, then enter your library card number.

Profiles and Reading Interests
  • Similar to many popular online streaming services, you will now have the option to create up to five profiles under a single library card for a more personalized experience based on age. For example, teen profiles display only young adult or children’s materials, and kid profiles only display children’s materials. Profiles are completely optional and can be added or deleted at any time. 
  • Each profile prompts you to select reading interests, and reading recommendations based on those interests can be found in My Shelf.
  • Enter a profile by clicking on it.
Search or Browse
  • Use the search box at the top to look for a title, author, or keyword. Use the filters on the left to filter and sort the search results.
  • Or, from the menu at the top left, select Browse. Use the filters on the left to filter by subject, genre, format, availability, etc.
  • The format (e-book or audiobook) is indicated at the bottom of each book jacket.
  • When the book jacket has a diagonal banner that says Waitlist, the title is checked out and you may place a hold. Titles without that banner are available for check out.
 Check Out and Read/Listen
  • When you find an available title, click on the cover and then Checkout.
  • Under your checked out title, click Read or Listen to open the title. You might need to allow pop-ups.
  • For e-books, click anywhere in the screen to reveal menu items at the top right, table of contents at the top left, and a progress bar along the bottom. Use the menu items to change font size, use bookmarks, or search within the text.
  • To download an e-book for offline reading, click the three horizontal lines on the top left to see the Main Menu. (Only e-books can be accessed offline at this time.)
    • Click Offline Access and wait for it to download. You will get a success message. Some browsers will ask you if it's okay to store files on your computer, and you need to select Yes.
    • Create a browser bookmark so you can return later to the book.
    • When you use the bookmark to return to the book, you will be prompted to enter your Library ID (your library card number).
  • For audiobooks, use the menu items at the top right to adjust audio speed, bookmark, or set a sleep timer.
  • It is not currently possible to download audiobooks for offline listening.
  • To close the book, close the browser tab. Your place is automatically bookmarked.

You may check out 99 titles at one time.

Place a Hold
  • To place a hold on a title that is checked out, click on the cover and click Place Hold. If you entered an email address in your profile, you’ll receive an email notice when your hold is ready to check out.
  • Once the title is ready to check out, click on My Shelf, then Holds, and then Checkout.

You may have 70 titles on hold at one time. You have three days to check out a hold once it becomes available for you.

Early Returns and Renewing
  • Items are automatically returned after 21 days and there are no late fees. To return a title early, tap on My Shelf, then Checkouts. Tap on the three vertical dots at the bottom right of the book jacket, then Return and Ok.
  • If a title does not have holds, you will be able to renew it within three days of its due date. To renew, tap on My Shelf, then Checkouts. Tap on the three vertical dots at the bottom right of the book jacket, then Renew. Next, to reactivate the title, tap the three dots again and Remove, then Download Now.