Jefferson County Public Library E-Rate Requested Services 2023

This is a request for bids for service under the requirements of USAC — E-rate Form 470 for Jefferson County Public Library, Colorado. All questions, concerns and comments should be emailed to, opens a new window. JCPL does not accept any phone calls throughout this process to prevent biased evaluations and to preserve the competitiveness and integrity of the proposal process. Candidates should not contact any JCPL team members, or any individual associated with the RFP.

State and County Requirements: A Colorado constitutional amendment prohibits public schools and libraries from entering into multiyear financial obligations, such as multiyear contracts, without pre-allocation of the funds unless the voters have previously approved such an obligation. [Colo. Const. Article X, Section 20(4)(b)]. The payment of Library obligations in fiscal years subsequent to the current year is contingent upon funds for this Contract being appropriated and budgeted. If funds for this Contract are not appropriated and budgeted in any year subsequent to the fiscal year of execution of this Contract, this Contract shall terminate. The Library's fiscal year is currently the calendar year.

Library Requirements: The Library requests that bidders communicate with us through email only. Other forms of communication such as phone calls with bidders will be initiated by the Library. Bidders are required to supply their SPIN numbers with their bids and initial responses. Contract or agreement term must begin 07/01/2023 and end June 30 in the agreed terminal contractual or agreement year. Vendors must have qualifying SPIN and use it in all communications with JCPL. Vendors need to respond within the 28-day Form 470 bidding window. Also, the same service should be able to continue Month-to-Month should the contract end and a new contract for the service is not acquired.

Note: We are always working to maximize our data access services at minimum cost, so we continue to negotiate for costs on our high-speed data lines while maintaining a high level of speed and capacity wherever possible. This may bring about new contracts for/or modifications to existing services to meet the same need.

CATEGORY 2 Service Request


We are requesting approximately 96400 feet of low voltage cat6 cable ran at our Evergreen Library location. Provide labor and materials for the installation of the cables from the box location on the floor, wall or ceiling to a MDF. This location is going through a remodel and all cabling can be ran during the remodel. Provide labor and material for the termination of the drops and installation of 24-port patch panel. All installed faceplates shall utilize the appropriate port configurations. Any open ports are to be filled using blank modules of the same manufacture as the installed faceplate. All cabling is to be labeled utilizing methods per TIA/EIA-606 standards. All cabling shall be supported using appropriate supporting methods per ANSI/TIA/EIA best practice standards and in accordance to local code. All cabling is to be tested upon completion of the installation. Test reports will be provided upon completion of install. Documentation of installed cable infrastructure including work area identifiers, cable pathway, etc., shall be provided.

Need Counts
Quad drop box 11 boxes — 44 ports
Dual drop box 34 boxes — 68 ports
Single drop box 11 boxes — 11 ports
Ceiling Data


WAP and Cameras — 18-inch wire coil in ceiling with exact placement depending on lighting choice and ceiling finish.

20 internal cameras

4 external roof cameras

1 People counter

WAPs — 5 internal, 2 external



Data drop for badge access 6 dops with single box
Data drop for HVAC 1 port
Audio/video 2 boxes with 3 ports each

2 — single gang junction box

There will be a recommended walk through on Friday February 3, meet at the front entrance outside at 8:50am from 9:00 to approx. 11:00 a.m. at the Evergreen location at 5000 HIGHWAY 73, EVERGREEN, CO 80439-7303 (weather permitting).

Location for install and config:
Evergreen Library — 5000 HIGHWAY 73, EVERGREEN, CO 80439-7303

Q&A: Addendum 1

CATEGORY 2 Service Request


We are requesting 16 MR42 and 12 MR74 and licenses or equivalent devices. Equivalent devices must be able to integrate within our current Meraki solution. We are also requesting installation of these devices.


CATEGORY 2 Service Request


We are requesting 21 Cisco C9300-24P-A or equivalent devices and 2 MS225-48FP-HW or equivalent devices. These devices should be able to integrate within our current Cisco network.

Locations for install/config and quantity:

Quantity 2-C9300 — Arvada Library 7525 W. 57th Ave., Arvada, CO 80002

Quantity 2-C9300 — Belmar Library 555 S. Allison Parkway, Lakewood, CO 80226

Quantity 2-C9300 — Columbine Library 7706 W. Bowles, Littleton, CO 80123

Quantity 1-C9300 — Conifer Library 10441 Highway 73, Conifer, CO 80433

Quantity 2-C9300 — Edgewater Library 1800 Harlan St., Edgewater, CO 80214

Quantity 2-C9300, 2-MS225 — Evergreen Library 5000 Highway 73, Evergreen, CO 80439

Quantity 2-C9300 — Golden Library 1019 10th St., Golden, CO 80401

Quantity 2-C9300 — Lakewood Library 10200 W., 20th Ave., Lakewood, CO 80215

Quantity 2-C9300 — Standley Lake Library 8485 Kipling St., Arvada, CO 80005

Quantity 2-C9300 — Wheat Ridge Library 5475 W. 32nd Ave., Wheat Ridge, CO 80212


CATEGORY 2 Service Request


We are requesting 1 two post rack with installation.

Location for install/config:
Evergreen Library 5000 Highway 73, Evergreen, CO 80439


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