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Annamarie, Teen Contributor

Kindred by Octavia E. Butler

We start in a couple's house in the 1900’s. Dana, our main character, is turning 26 with her husband Kevin. Suddenly she is whisked away and put in the 1800’s. Because of this she met a slave owner's son Rufus who was only a child at the time. She was apparently there to save him from dying, to protect him. However, every time she is on the edge of death or severely hurt she comes back home. On her second time back, Kevin comes with her. They were there for two months and each visit gets longer and longer. When she was in trouble she called out, but Kevin was too late. It was only hours that she was gone in real life, but in the 1800’s Kevin had grown to live there for 5 years. Kevin is so strange, so changed when they got home. On Dana’s final visit she does something so disgraceful…  

Parker, Teen Contributor

Emily Yates

IQ: 198

Evergreen, CO

I’ve always been a typer. Makes it easier to write essays on faster-than light travel, code simulations, and find Ryan Chandler. For months we had been looking for the best find, the cream of the crop, the top of the top, and we found him. Nowadays, with the introduction of the Z GENE, a special, choice chemical, implanted within the fetus in the first trimester of pregnancy, the new Einsteins, Picasso's, Musks, and Hawkings of the world are found. The ZG enhances the premature mind to reach adult level thinking at the age of 10. So, “The System”, a group of anonymous people who evaluate ZG user's, gives us the divisions of the world. Geeks and Nerds. Everything about The System is very secluded and secretive. The camps are secret. The selection is secret. The mother and father are not allowed to tell their child about his or her secret until the child figures it out. The memory of “too specific details” and “memorable events” are wiped from the user's memory during their time at camp, until the world eventually knows who they are, as their name becomes a household one in their early 20s. But, The System allows “scouting”, a use where fake users and real users are given, every year to us. We must tell the good from the bad, and every 5 years 1 “super genius” is hidden among the herd, that could possibly become either faction, and lead it, becoming a “head nerd” or “head geek”. Well, guess who’s head geek? Moi. But, the system is only for ages 11-19. I’m 15. So, we needed to find someone fast. Based on patterns and evaluation, this was our year. The stronger and more recent a head member, the more powerful the faction. So, that’s why it’s imperative to find the next one. So, there he was, Ryan Chandler. The highest IQed 14 year-old EVER. Whether he knows it or not (The System tweaks things a little too. It’s what they do). This gave us a chance. They outnumber us 10 to 1. Literally. But Ryan, Ryan was worth the past 5 head geeks and nerds, myself included (We don’t know the opposite team members names. Yet another wonderful thing The System does for us). We found him, and the nerds probably did as well, so the trouble was getting him to our camp. Our quantum kids engineered a situation in which some of the atoms at camp were vibrating at exactly the same frequency of Ryan’s body, and in exactly the same position, so the two could switch places instantaneously. But it was back and forth, so that he would be in one place (East High, his home, at the library, wherever), and here, Camp G. So it looked like he was nowhere. We tried to stop just the oxygen atoms, but failed. Multiple times. We kept trying though. If we stopped it right between transition, he would be in the middle of nowhere. Not exactly a plan. We kept working on it, until, POOF! He was right here, and we hadn’t stopped the oxygen atoms. The quantum kids said that maybe it was just luck, the fact that the atoms were “drawn” toward each other. Weird things happen here,  but this was a good weird. This weird wanted to make me climb one of the mountains here. We had him. We had Ryan Chandler. Yet again, we weren't safe. Only the oldest of us knew about Operation A.R.M.A.D.A., because nearly 4 years ago, my first day, a piece of it crashed. We ran fingerprints through servers, and it matched previous possible ZGers. With some logic and thought, as well as the limited hardware knowledge we had, we were able to come to the conclusion that the Nerds were spying on us, but for what? We still couldn’t figure that out. That is not was what was the idea. If we could get a major player out on the field, and have him outpace any nerd in the range of 190-210 within 5 years. 

Read that again. 

And that is when everything started happening.

Emily, Teen Contributor