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TAB Awesomeness

Meghann Henry, Teen Outreach Librarian

Each month we are featuring an awesome member of our Teen Advisory Board (TAB). You might be wondering, what is TAB and how can I become one of these amazing people?!?! TAB is a group of teens that meet monthly to discuss how the library can best serve teens, they help to plan events, and most importantly hang out and have a good time.  Talk with the teen librarian at your location to get involved.


Pierce, Evergreen TAB

Three words…who are you?

Me, Myself, I.

What do you feel is awesome about the town you live in?

I really like the fact that we have so many athletic opportunities like the lake and Elk Meadow ( a big open space off the side of the highway).  I especially enjoy the library, because it has books here (stated with a sarcastic grin).

What sucks about it?

(thinking hard with lips pursed) ...ummmm...I really did not see that one coming...I have no clue what to say.

What’s the weirdest thing you could think of to say right now…now?

Do the Harlem Shake.

What are you obsessed with…why?

I guess skiing, because I really love it.  Well, I really love the exhilaration of speed and how you can always challenge yourself with something new.  My favorite skiing spot is Beaver Creek. When I was a kid I told my mom I wanted to ski instead of snowboard because my butt was always getting wet.

Got anything to say about the library?

...ummm improve the teen blog...okay, don't put that it's not my final answer.  Start stocking duck dynasty discs at the library.  I always have to order it from Prospector.