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Read This! Sons of the 613 by Michael Rubens

Erin, Golden Library

Isaac has his bar mitzvah in two weeks and is wholly unprepared for it.  It doesn't help that he saw his buddy Eric puke his guts out at his just a few days ago.  When Isaac's parents go out of town unexpectedly, Isaac's brother Josh (or Super Jew as some call him) decides it's time to make Isaac a man.  Josh is super athletic and home for awhile after he left Columbia University under mysterious circumstances. He puts Isaac on a vision quest that includes a myriad of tasks both mundane and creative.  This quest with Josh has Isaac investigating a number of age old questions, like where to look at a strip club and what do you do in a bar fight, to name a few.

I really enjoyed this book. It reminded me a lot of a Chris Crutcher's (who I LOVE) work. This title would definitely be a read alike to some of his work or something like Stupid Fast by Geoff Herbach.This book had everything: it was hilarious and heartbreaking with some really engaging characters and some true soul searching. Rubens is apparently a former Daily Show writer and it shows.