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Mother Nature

Hannah, Teen Contributor

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This is a collage I completed a month ago for an art class.  It began as a self-portrait, but when I integrated natural elements my message became about the personality of Mother Nature. This is the first in a series of three that portray her in different ways.  In this piece she is turned and mysterious. The red flowers and petals are scattered to represent her passion.

The piece is huge and it took numerous hours of tearing magazines to complete. The entire length of the project I smelled like a conglomeration of different perfume samples, and I now tend to avoid magazines at any cost! Even a month later I’m still finding scraps of paper in my room.  Slightly more concerning, a ton of the hair I tore out happened to be Jennifer Aniston’s (it was a perfect color!) so I’m finding her face everywhere too. Oh well, even if she haunts me for months this project was definitely worth it!

Check back soon for parts 2 and 3 of Hannah's Mother Nature series.