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London is Overrun with Ghosts!

Jessie, Columbine Library

There is a problem in London. Fifty years ago ghosts started popping up all over the city. While some of them are harmless, too many of them are dangerous and even deadly. Lockhart, Lucy and George are three ghost-hunters doing their part to make the city a safer place, eliminating ghostly threats and even solving some mysteries along the way.

This book felt very real to me. The author (who also wrote the Bartimaeus books) does an excellent job setting up the history of the ghost problem as well as the current strategies and organizations involved. While I was reading it I truly believed that of course ghosts are haunting London! And of course we need to all be carrying around charms and gadgets in order to keep them away!

If you’re looking for a great ghost story to keep you up reading all night, The Screaming Staircase might be the book for you. But be careful--after reading this one all I want to do is read more scary ghost books. I may never get a good night of sleep again!