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Kenzie's Short Story

Submitted by Belmar Teen Kenzie

This is a short story submitted by Belmar teen, Kenzie.  She is working hard on developing her writing skills by attending Write Club and looking to teen librarians for feedback on her writing.

Lindy Goes to the Bahamas to be a Trainer

It's a mild sunny day in the Bahamas.  Lindy is a dolphin trainer who has loved dolphins since she was two years old.  It was her dream when she became a teenager to work with dolphins.

There was an explosion from a ship where Kate the dolphin was swimming, and it made her blind.  Lindy goes to see Kate's owners at the dolphin show.  The air there is nice, but some people smoke. The owners are trying to get rid of Kate because no one can train a blind dolphin.  Kate can still smell the dolphin food, and it makes her feel like she is in a fishy sea.  She hears the ripples of waves from the sea.  Then Lindy says, "Hey, I am new here, but I know I can train Kate.  Even though she's blind, she might be intelligent.  That's why I came here, so I can help her.  I think I can have her ready in time for the show."

Two months pass.  Lindy trains Kate by teaching the dolphin to touch the ball with sign language on the dolphin's flippers.  Kate learns new tricks, and Lindy sees Kate is ready to perform the show.  As Kate is doing her last trick, Lindy accidentally slips on ice and her arm gets twisted.  She takes a rest and gives the dolphin time to practice with Julie, the owner of the dolphin. 

After she recovers, Lindy trains the dolphin by whistling becaue her arm is broken.  Lindy trains Kate like a musician teaches a deaf person to play music.  Lindy performs a show with Kate to prove to the owner that she could do tricks with a blind dolphin.  When the owner sees the show, she is impressed that Kate can do tricks.  She says that she is ready for the show!  Lindy teaches Kate one more trick, which is jumping through hoops.  Finally, Lindy gets the job and keeps the dolphin!


If you are like Kenzie and love dolphins, then make sure to check out Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell and A Ring of Endless Light by Mandeleine L'Engle.