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Divergent Denver Premiere

Arra, Teen Services Coordinator

Thanks to all the Jeffco Library teens that joined me at the red carpet premiere of Divergent last night!  It was an amazing time!  The movie was excellent and follows the book well.  The actors Ben Lloyd Hughes and Christian Madsen were both present.  Some teens did get their posters and books autographed.  The picture above is about as close as I got to the actors, in other words I was in the back.  I think one of them is in the middle with the purple shirt.  

It would be hard to pick my favorite scene in the movie, the whole thing was so good.  The scenery was amazing and futuristic Chicago was very realistic.  I used to live in Chicago and can freely admit that I would not make Dauntless as I have never had the urge to jump off a moving ‘L’ train.  I would have to say my favorite part was Triss rappelling across buildings, my nails may be a bit shorter after watching this part.  It was a great evening and great film, definitely worth the sleep deprivation for staying up late!