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The Day I Learned My Best Friend was an Assassin

Jessie, Columbine Library

I love a good suspense story and Boy Nobody by Allen Zadoff was exactly what I wanted it to be. It is full of action, adventure, sleuthing, and excellent gadgets. We know him as Benjamin, but that is not his real name of course. A few years ago Benjamin’s father was killed by The Program, a mysterious government organization working to wipe out terrorist threats. Now Benjamin is a trained assassin working for this same organization, hoping to right the wrongs of his father. The Program gives him his assignment and then he works his way into his future victim's life—going to school with their kids, building strong friendships, going to parties, whatever it takes. And then when the perfect opportunity arises he kills them and disappears, moving onto his next fake life and never looking back. But his latest assignment is proving to be much trickier (hint: prettier) than ever before and for the first time Benjamin finds himself questioning The Program.