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Creating Unique Characters

Kethry, Teen Contributor

Creating Unique Characters

As a writer, I sometimes have trouble coming up with unique characters.  It seems like they all are the same person.  Other writers have trouble with keeping track of their characters and what they say and do.  Sometimes, a character does something they swore they would never do!  Simply put, characters are as tricky and as difficult as real people.

To help you with creating characters and keeping track of characters you have already created, I have developed an extensive character profile worksheet.  This can even be used for your favorite fiction characters.  Feel free to fill out as much of it as you want.  It is twelve pages, so aim for filling out one or two pieces in each category, or all of it! Really, whatever floats your boat.  If you want to add something, delete something, or restructure it then go ahead.

I wish you luck in all your writing endeavors!


Kethry is a teen from Columbine Library whose writing will be featured regularly on the Teen Page.  Check back often to see what else she has in store!