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A Common Balance

Violet, Standley Lake Teen Contributor

A fading ember

Of a hidden dream;

The shatter of faith

As life crubles before them; 

The ache burning in their chests,

The waterfall bound to fall from their eyes-

I want to save them from this,

Terminate the barricade between them and their passions.

Eliminate suffering,

That's what I do.

I'd give courage

To help them have a voice

Which was before a mere whisper.

I'd extend compassion to every being-

A mixture of understanding and kindness-

So they can stand strong on their own

And pass on their compassion, too.

I'd make aware

All those who live behind a mask-

Naive, oblivious;

I'd remove the veil,

Burn it into a collection of ashes.

I'd spread hope and ideas,

Help others think on their own

And be bold against conforming.

I'd preach ideas of harmony,

A common bond strewn between everyone,

A common compassion,

A common awareness,

A common understanding,

A common balance.


*photo (c) of James Jordan, 2008.