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June 2017

Izzy, Teen Contributor


 In the light of the shining moon, playing softly musical tunes

Nimble fingers type-type-typing, in a young mind her plot points churn

Characters with unforeseen paths, soon their futures will be bloodbaths

Such a sociopath sitting there writing with no grade to earn

Writing only for herself a purpose no one can discern

But inside crawls one thought: burn


The creeping urge to kill your craft, her lovely story now seems daft

But push it away she must do, for hours a slave to the quill

Mend and bend the fabric of plot, to extend a gift the gods brought

The disease of doubt and plagued thoughts shant wage onslaught on good will

Shant wage war upon a girl in love with words who types for thrill

But inside crawls one thought: kill


With force the writer continues, for practice on her craft sinews

The world is her writing prompt, descriptions of the acorn squash

Other's conversations transform, characters speak truth in her art form.

No more pain can be born; for the writer only words awash

Do not convince them that it is useless, as that is brainwash

But inside crawls one thought: quash



Image Credit: LIVEFREE on Flickr