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May 2017

Valeria, Teen Contributor

Why do I act like I'm all high and mighty when I'm inside, I'm dying, I'm finally realizing I need help. But I just take a deep breath, count to three. A picture in my head of who they wanted me to be. They wanted me to be "normal" . Happy and kind. They never thought I would be blind. Not blind by the meaning, But blind in the heart.Blinded by darkness. Blinded by the dark. I walk around lifeless, my heart beating but dead. A walking corpse, but no one pays attention.  A walking corpse, I'm lost in my head. Voices all around me but I cannot hear. Things have no meaning, at least not anymore. I'm not how I was, how I was before. I'm one of the living, but one of the dead. A part of me is missing. And I can't seem to understand what is coming my way. Every thought is a battle, every breath is a war, and I don't think I'm winning anymore. I'm hiding all these scars with an "I'm fine." You should stop asking if I’m ok. I’m tired of lying. I just wish I could go back to a time when I could smile and it didn’t take everything in me to do it.  Your to late to save me. If you could only see, Then you might know what it's like to be me. If you could only feel,Then you might see what I have to do to deal.If you ever learned, I knows you would be concerned. I will never show you,So you will never know what i have to go through. I will never let you in, But i do apologize for my sins. I will never speak a word about it,Because then everyone will know I'm  a misfit.


Image Credit: Vanity Mirror on Flickr

Jen, Teen Contributor

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