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November 2013

Jessie, Columbine Library

There is a problem in London. Fifty years ago ghosts started popping up all over the city. While some of them are harmless, too many of them are dangerous and even deadly. Lockhart, Lucy and George are three ghost-hunters doing their part to make the city a safer place, eliminating ghostly threats and even solving some mysteries along the way.

This book felt very real to me. The author (who also wrote the Bartimaeus books) does an excellent job setting up the history of the ghost problem as well as the current strategies and organizations involved. While I was reading it I truly believed that of course ghosts are haunting London! And of course we need to all be carrying around charms and gadgets in order to keep them away!

If you’re looking for a great ghost story to keep you up reading all night, The Screaming Staircase might be the book for you. But be careful--after reading this one all I want to do is read more scary ghost books. I may never get a good night of sleep again!

Arra, Teen Services Coordinator

Compete in Hunger Games style once again in anticipation of the Catching Fire movie release! The Hunger Games arena returns – hone your survival skills and compete against other teens in a fight to the death...by sticker that is. No teens will be harmed at this event! 

Registration is now open! 

This event will be hosted at the Arvada, Belmar, Columbine, Evergreen, Golden, Lakewood and Standley Lake libraries.

November 22nd from 5:30 - 8 p.m.

Light snacks will be provided.  Dress comfortably as we will be moving around a lot.

Attendance is limited. For ages 12-18.

Chandra, Belmar Library

If you hate finding a really great series only to discover you have to wait a year for the next book, you've hit the jackpot. The Croak trilogy is complete!

 Lex has hit a bit of a rebellious stage, and when she bites a guy at school who called her a vampire, it's the last straw for her parents. They send her to spend the summer on a farm with an uncle she barely knows. Lex quickly learns that the only thing being reaped in the town of Croak is souls, and she's destined to become a Grim too. The series follows Lex as she tries to catch a Grim that's gone all rogue and is releasing souls from people who aren't yet dead. Warning: do not start reading this series unless you've got time to finish it, it's addicting.