Study Room Policy

Jefferson County Public Library provides study rooms to enable individuals or small groups to meet or have a quiet space to work during regular library hours. Study rooms are available at no cost.

Advance scheduling of study rooms by public agencies is defined and outlined in the Jefferson County Public Library Study Room Guidelines.

  1. First priority in scheduling the use of study rooms is reserved for Library programs and services.
  2. Public agencies may make a request to the County Librarian to schedule the use of study rooms in advance. Agencies may not submit requests to schedule the study room until approval has been given by the County Librarian.
  3. The Public Services staff at each library is responsible for scheduling the use of the study rooms.
  4. Study rooms are scheduled/booked on the day of intended use at the chosen library.
  5. Study rooms are scheduled for two (2) hours per day. Additional time per day is not permitted.
  6. Study rooms cannot be used as a group member or individual’s primary place of meeting or business in excess of the standard two hours per day.