Materials Selection Policy

To enrich the educational, informational, and recreational quality of life for all citizens in Jefferson County, the Library will provide a broad and diverse collection of resources and materials. In support of its mission, the Library collection will encourage lifelong learning, self-improvement, and freedom of thought. The library collection will reflect the full spectrum of political, religious, and cultural beliefs and practices of the residents of Jefferson County. The goal of the Library is to maintain an overall balance within the collection and provide materials that respond to the present and future. To ensure the retention and preservation of materials with long-term value, the Library will continually assess and evaluate the collection.

JCPL offers varied collections of considerable scope, depth, and points of view to enable the citizens of Jefferson County to understand different issues, and formulate their own beliefs. The collection will offer all library users in the community access to materials and resources that contribute to the free expression of ideas.

To accommodate all users, the collection of materials is offered in several formats to meet the needs of various ages, reading levels, languages, cultural, informational, and educational interests in the community.