COVID-19 Code of Conduct

Effective Oct. 9, 2021, Jefferson County Public Library is implementing new guidelines in response to Jefferson County Public Health orders. In order to create a safer environment for all, we are asking patrons to adhere to the below guidelines in addition to our normal Code of Conduct.

Jefferson County Public Library seeks to provide quality Library service to all users in a safe and pleasant environment that is conducive to educational and recreational study and research.  Any behavior that is disruptive or that inhibits Jefferson County Library from ensuring a safe environment or interferes with the use of the library may elicit an appropriate response to deny access to facilities and/or services. 

  1. Please respect the safety of staff and our other patrons; do not enter buildings if you are sick or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or have recently been in contact with someone who has a confirmed or suspected case.
  2. Face coverings are required for all patrons, except children two years old and younger, when in Library buildings.
  3. We will not be allowing food in the library, only drinks (water bottles or cans). Please enjoy your food outside.

We encourage you to explore our digital resources and take advantage of curbside services if you are unable to adhere to the new safety requirements listed above.

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